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State of the Chapter during COVID-19

With the utter failure of America's capitalist system to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, it is perhaps unsurprising that we at the PDX SRA are seeing a large swell in folx looking to get involved with our local chapter.

As a chapter, we are attempting to balance the need to fulfill our core mission with the desire to not contribute to the pandemic, and as such, we are not currently holding any in-person events. The best way to begin getting involved at present is to join the national organization at This will grant access to the national communications platform, on which we have a local channel.

We look forward to meeting new members and local comrades, at such time as the chapter has deemed it prudent and acceptable, by consensus, to resume having in-person events. The best way to stay informed about when and how this will happen is to follow the above process for gaining access to our social communications platform.


Portland Socialist Rifle Association