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Why Join PDX SRA?

Why Join PDX SRA? Who are we?

Portland Socialist Rifle Association (PDX SRA) is a chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA) which is a 501(c)(4) non-profit. We are one of the largest and most active chapters.

As a firearms education organization, safety is our biggest concern and we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone at the range, including non-members, are practicing safe firearms habits. At every sanctioned range day, we have at least (1) Range Safety Officer (RSO) present for every five (5) shooters. Our RSOs have a variety of firearms and first aid skills and have been vetted to provide a safe and friendly shooting environment. We have a reputation for being strict when it comes to range safety.

We have our own firearms instructors that can assist you in becoming familiar with firearms safety, marksmanship, concealed carry, self defense, and advanced firearms skills. Some of our instructors are available for private instruction if you would like personalized training.

Being a leftist organization, we provide an atmosphere and culture free from the hate and discrimination that you might find at your average gun club or range. We seek to be a resource where marginalized communities are welcomed and feel safe and comfortable. We have a grievance committee that addresses all concerns regarding our members and whose job it is to ensure that all grievances are investigated and addressed in a safe and healthy manner.

We have monthly meetings, (bi)weekly range days, and a variety of social events and activities from game nights and karaoke to airsofting.

We use a non-hierarchical structure and consensus based decision making so that no one person has more power than another and everyone has the opportunity to have their voice heard and count. Anyone is free to take initiative and create a new work group to perform a function they would like, i.e. BBQ event, an administrative function, PR/Media efforts, etc. All decisions or actions that will impact the entire org require a vote prior to the decision being made or action being taken.

You don't have a to be a socialist to join the SRA. We have many different leftist political ideologies represented within our org, within many of our members tending toward anarchism. You don't have to have any knowledge of leftist theory. Our members are always willing to discuss their own personal leanings and opinions of other ideologies. The national website has a reading list (with downloadable readers) for most mainline leftist schools of thought. Additional reading lists can be provided upon request.

In addition to firearms and political knowledge, PDX SRA often has other training opportunities available to its members, i.e. Stop The Bleed, First Aid, Street Medic, Disaster Aid/Relief, De-Escalation, etc. These are often led by fellow members.

We are beginning to form our own disaster relief caches in preparation of any disaster that may strike. We are prioritizing feeding our communities in times of need.

If you find yourself wanting to get involved, we recommend either joining the national organization or contacting us directly via email.

For the safety of our members, we do not allow law enforcement, predators, or any one who is not legally allowed to own a gun to join the organization.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at @PortlandSRA or email us at

Peace, Love, and Solidarity, Comrades!